Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable for Buell Motorcycles

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The Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable for Buell Motorcycles 

Clearly...we've set the NEW Standard for the ECMSpy USB Cable •

ECMCables.com is the leading supplier of Buell ECM Cables & Dongles. This is our latest offering - Announcing our latest product specifically designed for and tested on BUELL ECMs: The Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable. 

• US Buyers save the State Tax • Distributors and Dealers Welcomed •

For a Demonstartion of our Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable, watch this Video.

The Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable is a TRUE USB Cable having these features:

Built with our own USB Module (Rev2) • Includes FTDI USB Bridge chip • Embedded using our proprietary EAS™ Technology • Module is encapsulated in our Translucent Backshell on the Deutsch connector • True USB Differential Pair Signal Protection • Blue & White LEDs flash during ECM/Computer communication • Tested to withstand 35-lb longitudinal force on Backshell/Module body • Standard 6-ft length • Extendible to +12-ft using our Shielded Deutsch terminated M-F extension cables.

Our Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable is the first cable in the World to have the USB Module embedded in a Deutsch Backshell.  This is possible becasue of our Proprietary EAS™ Technology and is Exclusive to only ECMCables.com Products Made By CalFABco.  EAS™ Technology provides Destruction-Proof TECHNOLOGY which prevents the cable from being broken away from the Deutsch Connector when disconnecting the cable. No other competing cable has this feature. 

Watch this Video to see how we Stress Test a LIVE functioning Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable.

In keeping with the ECMSpy "default" setup, we've employed soley the FTDI FT232RQ chipset in this new product which works with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/8.1/10/11.


Visit our Download page for Drivers Downloads 

As all of our prior cable products our Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable is designed to connect Buell’s 99-08 including X1, ST FI models, and all XB9 and XB12 models' ECM to a PC or other Smart Devices for Engine Performance Tuning. Our UNIQUE design  implements a TRUE USB CABLE which is the only one that provides USB TECHNOLOGY's Differential Pair Signaling to ensure transmitted data is protected and secure for either endpoint. As per our prior cable revisions which used Serial (RS-232 TTL) Signaling, we've also included a "Shielded Cable" solution in this new USB Cable to combat both EMI and extraneous power surge interference that affect unshielded cable conductors in high-noise (electrical interference) ECM Tuning environments. Combining this "Shielded ECM cable" with Tuning software such as ECMSpy or TunerPro RT, provides a higher degree of accuracy when optimizing Buell Engine Performance.

This product can be used with ECM based Optimizing Software. Software sold separately. No Software is included with this product. Refer to ECMSpy or TunerPro RT websites for more details. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10.

Our U-Class based products have been designed and tested for real-world applications; specifically for use in harsh environments, and under rugged and extreme conditions regardless of the application for which they’re being deployed. Our Ultimate ECMSpy USB Cable  has similar tests results as those of our other EAS™ Technology equipped cables which can withstand longitudinal tensile forces in excess of 35lbs, wherein these linear forces would normally tear wire conductors from pins, should the connectors remain intact. 



  • Compatible with 1998 through 2010 Buell X1, XB9/XB12 and S3 Fuel Injected Models & all EBR models
  • Optimize Performance - View and Change settings in Real-Time
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Reset Trouble Codes; Customize Fuel Map; Reset APV
  • Easily reset TPS (valued at USD$60 Motorcycle Shop Rate)
  • Shielded Serial TTL Communications to guard against Electro-Magnetic Interference
  • Water-Proof Rated (not just Water Resistant) as per our own stringent lab testing 
  • Includes FTDI chipset USB-to-TTL Module embedded in Clear overmold
  • Deutsch brand connector for interface to Buell ECM
  • Quality built with official Deutsch connectors and parts for IP68 Protection Class Compliance
  • Compatible drivers for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10
  • WARRANTY: 30 Day Limited Warranty


  • Product Dimensions: 180 x 1.2 x 1 cm (72 x 1 x 0.5 in)
  • Model Number: CFA-ECM-FU1-CLR

Included in the Package:

  •  Qty 1 ECM to USB Shielded Cable (U-Class Clear) - Approximate Length: 72" inches (6' ft) /1.8m (180cm)

Supported ECM Types:   (Courtesy of ECMSpy Website)

  • BUEGC Tubeframe - model years 1999-2002
  • BUEIA Tubeframe - model years 1999-2002
  • BUEJA Tubeframe - model years 1999-2002
  • BUEKA Tubeframe - model years 1999-2002
  • BUECB XB9 - model year 2003
  • BUEGB XB - model year 2004
  • BUEIB XB - model years 2005-2007
  • B2RIB XB - model years 2005-2007 (Factory Race ECM)
  • BUEIC XB - model years 2005-2007 (Japan only)
  • BUEOD XB - model years 2008 and later
  • BUEWD XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • BUEYD XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • BUEZD XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • BUE1D XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • B3R1D XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later (EBR Race ECM)
  • BUE2D XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • BUE3D XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later
  • B3R3D XB, 1125 - model years 2008 and later (EBR Race ECM)

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use, and or misuse, and or lack of knowledge and/or lack of understanding of either or both the product, the associated products, and or the combined products or use there of, including but not limited to the alteration of factory ECM settings in any way or form, and or of the laws relating to such alterations and or changes to emissions, and or emission output, by use of the product and or associated products.

Cable Specs
Chipset FTDI 232RQ USB Full Speed to Serial UART
Color Clear (Trasnlucent) Deutsch Connector Backshell with LEDs / Black USB Connector
Model Number CFA-ECM-FU1-CLR
Product Dimensions 180 x 1.2 x 1 cm (72 x 1 x 0.5 in)
Connector A Deutsch DT06-4S Male, Translucent Backshell, Encapsulated USB Module, Comm Activity LEDS: Blue & White
Connector B USB 2.0 Male

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  • Product Code: CFA-ECM-FU1-CLR
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  • Weight : 4.00 oz.
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