Zero Motorcycle Wireless

ANNOUNCEMENT: CalFABco has recently entered into a License Agreement with a Third Party for the Exclusive Limited Use and for Limited Sub-Licensing Rights of our proprietary EASTM  Technology, which includes and or pertains to, processes, parts, molds, right to manufacture molds, and contracted support for design and process consultation. The majority of our products, which are designed and or based on EASTM  Technology, will no longer be available, and will be marked as "Discontinued" unless such product(s) are currently in stock and or are partially completed and easily readied for sale as stock items. The partially completed products that are not easily readied for sales as Stock items, and any spare parts relating to any of the Discontinued Products will be offered for sale "As Is" either under "Spares" category or offered as part of, or accompanying product or kit, under the DIY Category/ies. 

We're currently working on a DIY Kit for a Wireless Product for Zero Motorcycles.


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