OBDDROID LP Bluetooth Diagnostics Device for ZERO MBB-ECU 2017-2018 ZERO All Models

OBDDROID LP Bluetooth Diagnostics Device for ZERO MBB-ECU 2017-2018 ZERO All Models

NEW ZERO Motorcycle MBB-ECU Diagnostic Dongle - Fully Waterproof OBDdroid LP Wireless Diagnostics Dongle with Forward Facing & Highly Visible LED; indicates Power On, Paring Status & Heartbeat.

Includes proprietary EAS™ Technology & Protection Class IP68 Rated Compliance

Our OBDDROID LP Bluetooth Diagnostics Dongle is designed to connect ZERO Motorcycles (2017-2018) to a PC or Android Device for Diagnostic purposes. Our design incorporates an outward facing Antenna, strategically located furthest from the MBB-ECU. Fully Visible Blue LED indicates power and pairing status. When the unit is powered up, a distinctive Blue LED will be discreetly visible. Fast intermittent flashing indicates Pairing mode, seeking a Bluetooth Master Device (ie Smart Phone, Tablet, PC). When paired, the Blue LED flashes twice in succession, followed by a several second pause, similar to a heart-beat pattern.

Our EAS™ technology based products have been designed and tested for real-world applications; specifically in harsh environments, rugged & extreme conditions regardless of where they’re being deployed.

Serial Terminal Software is freely available on the internet, and or sold separately. No Software is included with this product. Refer to zeromanual.com website for more details. This version is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/8.1/10.and Android devices.

  • OBDdroid LP ZERO Motocycle Bluetooth Diagnostics Dongle for 2017-2018 ZERO All Models
  • Includes Proprietary EAS™ Technology; Virtually Indestructible IP68 - Use any Free or Commercial Serial Terminal Application or Device App.
  • Fully Encasuplated Module - Hard-Hat Tough Overmolded Electronics - Module withstands Heat, Moisture, Oils, Corrosive Fuels, Solvents and Dilute Acids
  • Optimize Performance - Real Time View & Change Settings, Run Diagnostics, View Trouble Codes, Reset Battery Params
  • NEW - Includes Embedded Bluetooth Module w/ SHORE 75D Overmold Process 90 Day Limited Warranty

We are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use, and or misuse, and or lack of knowledge and/or lack of understanding of either or both the product, the associated products, and or the combined products or use there of, including but not limited to the alteration of factory settings in any way or form, and or of the laws relating to such ECM/ECU alterations, by use of the product and or associated products.



Cable Specs
Connectivity Wireless Bluetooth
Connector A OBDII Male

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